A special congratulations to the TOP PERFORMERS , row at the back:
Julia Pretorius CAP, Princess Mthethwa TOP STUDENT AWARD, Dilan Herselman TOP STUDENT AWARD.

Wellington Mathabela Professional capacity : Stylist 1st September 2015

Wellington Mathabela“I’ve been doing hair since in a age of 16 years old. My mother was a hair stylist back in the days  of perms . I’ve been travelling locally doing house call as a hair stylist and I’ve owned 3 salon in my life.. I was privilege  to contacted  by Charmaine  Joubert herself when she opened the Institute in 2014 February. This course meant the heaven to me ;it was my dream since I was a child to be trained  as a professional  hair Stylist in the Hair Industry. My biggest dream is to further my studies with L’Oréal and Work for L’Oréal  on teams of Shows and Travel  the World..  I Love L’Oréal  with all my Heart.”

Eunice Latifa Professional capacity : Stylist 1st September 2015

Eunice Latifa“Being part of L’Oréal team was a great building and impeccable experience , they groomed my skills to professionally cater for all hair types, the environment  was very friendly, warm and welcoming . As a foreign student I felt welcomed and at peace I truly am grateful for my journey at L’Oréal”

Rocky Kamanda Professional capacity : Salon owner RT’s Hair design 1st September 2015

Rocky Kamanda“The biggest achievement in my life to now be a Professional hairdresser, and one day to be international. The Instructors with their patients and dedication made it possible. I arrived not knowing anything, but today I can relax, colour, cut and style. Being here gave me new perspective, new ideas and direction to take in to my business. “

Jena James Professional capacity : Apprentice at Terenzo 1st September 2015

Jena James“I remembered how nervous and excited I was at the same time when I walked in for the induction. working at one of the biggest events , SA fashion week was a beautiful experience and made my passion for hair grow bigger. I learned a lot from the instructors and are excited to learn more in future”

Ashleigh Potgieter Professional capacity : Stylist 1st September 2015

Ashleigh Potgieter“Starting in the hair industry is something I always wanted to do and L’Oréal gave me the opportunity to follow and fulfilled my dream. I enjoyed every moment. The instructors, students and staff made everyday worth coming to class. Best times was during cutting and coloring classes. Then last, but at no means least was to be part of the promotions team. I loved working on the shows most!”

Ezile Ndzandzeka Professional capacity : Apprentice at Xpertise 1st September 2015

Ezile Ndzandzeka“I came into the Institute as an individual and I believe I am leaving the Institute with confidence and knowing team work is important. I realize that working with other students makes you work more efficiently. I came from a call center background, but I have learned that hairdressing is more than just hair services. I learned how important client behavior is. What motivates me most, was not just to know hair, but also to touch hearts”

Princess Makhosazane Professional capacity : Salon owner Cabello Hair 1st September 2015

Princess MakhosazaneTop student performer

“I am glad I took the time to do the training. I knew that as a salon owner I needed to gain technical skills, and this course afforded me that. I gained so much knowledge about hair and about the profession. Meeting like minded people whom share the passion was a highlight.”

Nana Nomqondiso Professional capacity : Stylist 1st September 2015

Nana Nomqondiso“I have learned so much about hair, and how to be professional. I gained so much know ledge about the Industry. My time here was beautiful. I enjoyed time with the younger students. Although everyone complimented me and said I have so much energy 🙂 It was a good journey. You don’t know much about the industry, until you are in it. It opened my eyes”

Hesmarie Krause Professional capacity : Apprentice at Chase Hairdressing Gap year on Steiner Cruise Liner's acceptance 1st September 2015

Hesmarie Krause“To participate in mayor events and meeting big names In the industry has been a positive motivation for me. Being placed in a salon like Chase hairdressing helped me to learn about the profession. Colour training and practical was my favorite part of the programme by far! I went for an interview with Steiner Cruise liners and have been accepted 🙂 🙂

Gerald du Toit Professional capacity : Stylist at Franco International 1st September 2015

“ I left years of corporate banking experience , and took a chance to pursue my dream of becoming a L’Oréal stylist. I loved my first day, it was my highlight!

I made so many friends, the Instructors taught me what I know! Priscilla was a sweetheart. I learned from the training salon, it allowed me to make mistakes in a safe environment. Charmaine vd W explained colour amazingly well. Sizwe is a pleasure with patience and Charmaine Joubert the leader , OUR ROCK”

Cornelia Venter Professional capacity : Stylist 1st September 2015

Cornelia Venter“I left the banking industry to pursue my dream to become a stylist. I started a bit late not knowing anything and remembered I needed to do catch up classes with Sizwe, the excitement is still clear in my memory. I remembered the first press day we had to do, we had such great feedback. After all the hard work with my Instructors patience I can say I made it, I am a L’Oréal stylist!”

Dilan Herselman Professional capacity : Stylist at Floyds 99 1st September 2015

Top Student Performer

Dilan Herselman“I been in a salon for three years. I joined the Institution to receive professional training and to be rewarded with a L’Oréal certificate, that could give me recognition.”

Jamie McNaughton-Victor Professional capacity : Junior stylist and Apprentice at Swept 1st September 2015

Jamie McNaughton-Victor“I studied a BCOM finance degree and have a honors in finance…but I knew I wanted to do something creative. I genuinely enjoyed the theory and the friendly banter in the class environment. I had a thirst for Knowledge and soaked it in like a sponge. I enjoyed the training salon phase. Being to be independent in a salon environment. Notable moments included pushing myself in advance colour techniques such as foiless balayage”

Keleigh Pretorius Professional capacity : Apprentice at Franco International 1st September 2015

Keleigh Pretorius“I worked at an exotic pet shop and studied nails… I found the hair industry. My highlight was to be involved at the L’Oréal Techni Art launch. I really enjoyed studying at the Institute, I have learned so much and made incredible memories with friends. I am saddened that my experience has come to an end! Hair takes you places…I have found my place”

Jennifer Foley Professional capacity : Salon Coordinator & Stylist at Franco’s International 1st September 2015

Jennifer Foley“I started off at the L’Oréal Institute as a salon coordinator . This course has changed me and allowed me to grow by teaching me the necessary tools required to be a world class stylist. I had a great time here and am very sad to say buy to the people. Thank you for helping me to brighten my horizon.”

Donné-Leigh Hattingh Professional capacity : Stylist & Apprentice at Jeanetics 1st September 2015

Donné-Leigh Hattingh“Amazing experience!!! I thought I knew a lot Until LPASI happened. My view of hairdressing has changed. I am finally prepared as a proud L’Oréal world class stylist. Thank you for a great experience. Now I can venture into the world”

Tasmin Hunter Professional capacity : Apprentice at Franco’s International 1st September 2015

Tasmin Hunter“I found the Institute through my salon. I am happy that I studied here, as I never knew what I really wanted to do. Hairdressing is not easy, as everyone thinks it might be. This course taught me to have respect for stylists . Now I would like to become a specialist stylist in the future.”

Isabel de Gouveia Professional capacity : Apprentice at Chase Hairdressing 1st September 2015

Isabel de Gouveia“When I finished school and decided to study hair. I have met awesome people that have changed my way of thinking. They have taught me to be a go-getter and to always reach high for my dreams. I am so happy that I chose this Institute”

Jessica Horn Professional capacity : Apprentice, Receptionist , Bookkeeper at The Stylist 1st September 2015

“I started studying a marketing degree and decided I needed more creativity and Excitement. Hence the reason I joined the L’Oréal Institute. Researching a few other colleges, I found L’Oréal stood out. Not only the name but also in the professionalism. My initial interview with Charmaine Joubert was one of hope, believe and endless prospects. My time at L’Oréal has been a great journey. “

Charnay Anthony Professional capacity :Apprentice at Terenzo International 1st September 2015

Charnay Anthony“I joined as the youngest student, and are walking out with an ID, confidently with pride that you are never too young to accomplish your dream…I learned a lot and grew so much. I made so many new friends. To study at the L’Oréal Institute boosted me , because it is an Institute with an image!”

Elia Lopes Professional capacity : Session Stylist , Apprentice at Foil 1st September 2015

Elia Lopes“My dream was to be a ballerina, and I persuid it, but my body could not…So I found a new dream…to become a session stylist.

I managed my mom’s salon and realized my passion for hair. Meeting and working with L’Oréal artists at shows inspired me , and I started working on film shoots with famous media publishers. From here I never want to stop, I want to learn and grow into an International Session Stylist”

Cecilia Manganye Professional capacity : Operator at Image Studio 1st September 2015

Cecilia Manganye“I worked in the industry for 8 years. I loved the course. I am going to miss the classes. I have met so many different people from different backgrounds that I would not have experienced elsewhere. I have learned a lot about hair and products. I used to be shy , coming to the Institute gave me confidence. When I saw other people getting the services right, I knew I Can do it too”

Christinah Mokone Professional capacity : Apprentice at Hairvolution 1st September 2015

Christinah Mokone“I worked in the industry as an operator for 15 years. My salon owner gave me the opportunity to join the Institute. I really enjoyed my time here, and made lots of friends. This course gave me confidence. The Instructors never judged me, they always took the time to help. Our classes was great, thank you to L’Oréal for acknowledging me and giving me a new future!”

Katherine Julia Pretorius Professional capacity : Stylist at BLO Hairdressing 1st September 2015

First L’Oreal Professional Institute candidate to certifying through the Certification Assessment Programme.

“Julie’s journey began with Graffiti, learning basic skills, Where she found her passion for hair and never looked back. In 2007 she started with Blo Hair Salon where she worked ever since, under the mentorship of salon owner Rory (L’Oréal ID artist) As a self taught stylist Julie loves to learn. She was the 1ST first CAP student at the Institute and passed with a distinction”