Alumni 2014

The LPASI Alumni forum is an elite group for former students who were awarded as LPASI certified stylists.

The aim of the forum is to promote lifelong links between LPASI certified students, or Alumni, and L’Oreal Professional Products and partners.

As a LPASI Alumni member, you will be part of a network of L’Oreal stylists who share educational interests, passion and creativity.

It also means access to the LPASI career portal, the stimulating opportunity to contribute to future industry developments, and the chance to mentor present LPASI students.

Being part of the forum is not only a great way to catch up with your former LPASI classmates and to share your current experiences, but to be inspired and grow further in your chosen career.

GILLIAN-ANN LEMBECK –PACEY Stylist 13th May 2015

gillian“The L’Oréal African Institute has been an incredible Journey. The instructors and staff have been a true Inspiration. I look forward to our future relationship. A great big thank you to the team and fellow-students.”

DENISE VERMAAK Salon owner 13th May 2015

denise“ It was learning something new every day. The people at the Institute made it fun and exciting. I loved doing coloring and cutting. I made friends at the Institute and seeing them daily was refreshing. ”

THEMBILE GUMADA Fashion stylist 13th May 2015

thembile“ I am a make up stylist on film sets, and decided This course will fit with my skill; and it did. I enjoyed Every minute at the Institute. Everyone has been friendly and very supportive. I will definitely recommend the Institute to people. I came from zero knowledge about hair, and within 8 months I now consider myself as a professional 🙂 I will miss this place.”

LEE-ANN GOVENDER Owner 13th May 2015

lee-ann“The time at L’Oréal was awesome! Besides learning everything about hair; good Friendships were formed.”

ANGELINE MOODY Institute Instructor 13th May 2015

angeline“ I have enjoyed my time at the Institute. I have learned a lot. All the classes were fun, and the people were friendly. I will recommend the Institute to anyone wanting to join the industry. All the instructors were Helpful and approachable. I am very proud to have the Brand; L’Oréal behind me.”

NONHLANHLA BONTLE Part time stylist 13th May 2015

nonhlanhla“I heard about The Institute from a representative. The training has changed me. I am proud to have studied at the Institute. It has opened my world, and I am now skilled. The Institute has been amazing and became my second home. The support was great and the staff helpful. It is a place where ideas are formed, through the art of hair. I loved the experience.”

CATHERINE SPILHAUS Stylist 13th May 2015

catherine“ I have learned a lot in 8 months, which I believe is truly amazing. I have developed so much , my Experience in the Institute was like no other place I have experienced. I enjoyed my time. “

PRUDENCE BENNETTO “Best performing student” 13th May 2015

prudenceOwner and Institute Promoter

“I enjoyed every minute. I am glad I was one of the L’Oréal Institute students. The Instructors were very helpful. Charmaine Joubert was always there for us; And opened up career doors. Thank you Thank you to all!! “

TRISTON JAIMES THORLEY From Salon Studio 9 9th March 2015

triston“I had the feeling of excitement to learn new things. I love being a stylist and finally getting my hands on hair, as well as touring the district; Braamfontein from the Wits art museum to meeting new people in the area. But the happiest moment and highlight was to be part of Miss South Point, my model came first! I am also a professional dancer and performed at this event on stage. The launch of the Institute was very emotional for me, I am so happy I chose the L’Oreal Institute”

CHWAYITA GLADNESS GOCI From Salon le Looks 9th March 2015

chwayita“I had a great time at the Institute, especially because I was surrounded by amazing Instructors. They made sure that we understood everything. The techniques and styles that I have learned were awesome. Thank you L’Oréal for the knowledge you gave me. I was deeply impressed and will carry on with this knowledge, and not only practice it, but teach others as well about the importance of hair.”

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COCO HAVANA SCOTT From Salon Hairopy 9th March 2015

coco“Since joining the L’Oréal Institute I have had the privilege of gaining knowledge, skills, confidence and a above all a family. The L’Oréal Professional African Salon Institute has been a positive foundation and awesome community. Thank you for giving /equipping me with the wings I needed to fly. Thank you Coco.”

SIMANGALISO MKHABELA From A-HEAD Salon Group 9th March 2015

simangaliso“I had a great time and wonderful year. I want to thank all the Instructors at the the Institute; guys you are really great! I came here as an operator, but I am leaving as a stylist. I did not think I will get this good, I am very happy that I chose the L’Oréal Professional African Salon Institute. Thank you very much”

HLENGIWE NGIDI From Ginger Genetics 9th March 2015

hlengiwe“The Institute gave me skills that no one can take away from me. The programme is intense but worth every tear. The staff is professional and know what they are doing. The Institute leader, Charmaine Joubert, is very accommodating and sympathetic, she is very professional and is very willing to share her knowledge, she has made me intelligent to business sense.”

HILDEGARD E DE WINNAAR From Salon Sunnetts 9th March 2015

hildegard“Every Instructor was fantastic! The professional approach of all the staff in the business was amazing. I came there to earn my certification, but I also got so much more. I found a family in this industry which I am very fond off. That is why they will not Get rid of me … J “

MOTLALEPULA VICONIA POGISHO From Salon Habit 9th March 2015

motlalepula“I was working in the salon for a long time thinking I know everything, but when I started studying at the Institute I realized I don’t know much.

Hairdressing needs hard work. Thank you to L’Oréal for opening the L’Oréal Professional African Salon Institute.”

DUMAINE NICHOLLS From Salon Dashing Diva’s 6th March 2015


“It was an amazing opportunity and a great experience. I would not have changed it for anything in the world. I thought I knew so much about hair until I have started and realized I knew nothing. I learned so much on ;how to deal with people and different hair types.

But most of all to always have a smile on your face and always try your best at all times. Thanks a lot!”



“My highlights was that I was up-skilled in my knowledge and learning. I now have the ability to grasp to all skills learned and to have a fast paste. The eight months flew by and I enjoyed every day till the end.”