sabppYou will be award as a L’Oreal Professional certified stylist. The curriculum is endorsed by L’Oréal and is based on the L’Oréal Professional Institute international programme. L’Oréal is a global company existent in more than 130 counties worldwide. The L’Oreal Professional African Salon Institute is accredited with the South Africa Board for People Practices (SABPP).

The programme focuses on the application of basic business concepts as it relates to the Industry of Hairdressing Professionals and instils in its students the values of:

Ethics, including include fair competition, reliability, integrity, confidentiality, diversity and non-discrimination.

The process of establishing and maintaining contact and retailing by:

Caring for customers in the Hairdressing Profession performing technical hair services.

Prepare for and finish off salon services on universal hair types Accountability in:

Producing business plans for a new venture describe and apply the management functions of an organisation management of finance and records in researching and planning for the equipping of a salon.